Creation and Purpose of Souls

Souls were Created in the very beginning as Companions to God. They were never meant to exist in the material world, but God had given them Free Will and some Souls entered into matter.

Their entanglement in matter as midgets, giants and mythical creatures was what made the Creation of Adam and Eve necessary. The body of Adam was more equal in stature and better suited for spiritual growth. This allows the Soul to escape from the carnal influences and desires that distance us from our Father and return to its Creator.

The Fall of Adam and Eve into sin, as symbolized by the Apple in Eden was a further complication that delayed the process. Through his sacrifice, Jesus Christ restored a way to our Father and Creator.

This account differs from generally accepted views on Creation, but there is a lot of disagreement even among the various Bible scholars. There are clues in the Bible to confirm this account, but it all depends on presuppositions.

Further corroborating evidence can be found in other Ancient Texts, Archeology, Oral Traditions and Prophets both Ancient and Recent. The Bible does mention that Prophets young and old will come again.

Let us examine all the information at hand with an open mind, as we place many pieces of the puzzle together.  We will get a clearer picture of where we come from and where we are headed through our relationship with God, our Father and Creator.


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